We Have Experience Handling a Vast Array of Estates and Probate Requests

When a person dies leaving assets in Victoria, usually the executor of a person's will or the closest next of kin (where there is no will) has to finalise the deceased's affairs. This may involve collecting or gathering all of the deceased's assets, paying any debts and distributing the assets to the persons entitled.

Advising legal personal representatives (executors/administrators)

Contested wills and disputed estates

Deeds of family arrangement

Executor commission claims

Grants of probate (where there is a will)

Grants of administration (where there is no will)

Informal will applications

Interim (limited) grants of representation

Intestate estate administration

Probate caveats

Statutory will applications (court-made wills)


Testator family maintenance claims (County & Supreme Courts)

Trusts in wills

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